Wolf Tea Gift Box Set

Wolf Tea

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The Wolf Tea Gift Box Set includes 3 Wolf Tea canisters; Milky Oolong Black Tea, Oriental Beauty Oolong and Green Tea. Exclusively designed, this hand-crafted box features a color scheme with mild grace blue. The ideal present as your greetings and love to someone important and special. 

High quality whole-leaf and can be re-brewed 4-5 times

Milky Oolong Black Tea:
Creamy flavour/milk tea without milk

Oxidation: 5 / 5
Roasting: 1 / 5
Species: Camellia Sinensis 
Origin: Alishan (Mt. Ali), Taiwan
Altitude: 1300m

Oriental Beauty Oolong:
Honey scented, in-between green and black tea

Oxidation: 4 / 5
Roasting: 1 / 5
Species: Camellia Sinensis - Chin Shin Dah Pan
Origin: Toufen Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan
Altitude: 170m

Green Tea:
Traditional Taiwanese Biluochun tea

Wolf Tea introduces the rich and pure taste of Taiwanese tea to the world. We believe Taiwan has the best tea that every tea lover must try. All of our teas are single-origin and 100% sourced in Taiwan from the best season and region. Each seasonal collection is selected carefully through a strict tea tasting process. Please enjoy the delicate ever-changing tea tasting experience with Wolf Tea.