Face Wash Towel


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Sasawashi Face Wash Towel
Sasawashi Face Wash Towel

There's no need to use soaps and cleansers with this Sasawashi Face Wash Towel, which is made of highly oil-absorbent Washi paper. Just wet the towel with hot water and gently massage over your face to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and refreshed. It is not recommended for make-up removal. This towel naturally removes dead skin cells and keeps your skin smooth.

Sasawashi is a new fabric woven by twisted Washi yarns that are blended with Kumazasa. The fabric retains its antibacterial and deodorizing properties even after many washes.

  • • 100% Washi Paper Pile, 100% Cotton Foundation Cloth
    • Machine washable with like colours. No bleach.
    • Wash towel 8W" x 7L"

    Please discontinue use if you develop any skin conditions.

  • Sasawashi is an innovative Japanese company that focuses on simple designs and is dedicated to creativity. Their concept is derived from a desire to live a comfortable and healthy way of life, and their products show a diligence in bringing the best characteristics of the unique Sasawashi fabric.

Sasawashi Face Wash Towel
Sasawashi Face Wash Towel

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