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A painterly wallpaper inspired by watercolour and mountains at dusk. Deep and dramatic in its dark tones, with a relaxing and dreamlike horizon. Part of the OAS collection.

Every shade, every pattern tells a story, and yet allows you to create our own. It is a place for deep conversation and moments of confidentiality, where you can draw strength by allowing the atmosphere sink into your skin. It is a place where the body and soul can land softly in a careful composition of colour. Deep and vibrant, soft, and heartfelt, wild and beautiful. Just like life itself.

Contact us for special orders on all Sandberg wallpapers. Shipping time approximately 3-4 weeks.

Price per mural.

  • • Non-woven
    • Designed and made by Sandberg Wallpaper in Sweden
    • Mural size: 12'2" x 8'10.5" (371 × 270cm)

  • Sandberg is a Swedish design company passionate about craftsmanship. They believe in sustainability, people and that the home is the starting point for well-being. Sandberg designs and manufactures wallpaper and accessories with a unique expression in their own factory in Ulricehamn. The love of craftsmanship is evident at every step of the way and is a crucial component in what Sandberg calls Swedish wallpaper art.