rice cooking lid


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  • rice cooking lid
  • rice cooking lid
  • rice cooking lid

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A bowl of pristine white rice is the best compliment for most everyday meals. This inner pot lid transforms the steamer into a quick and delicious rice cooker. The JIA Steamer Rice Cooking Lid features a double layered lid system that retains steam and heat to speed up the cooking process and give the rice the perfect texture. The inner pot is able to seal in the flavour and drive moisture into the rice, making the rice soft and fluffy. When the rice is cooked give it a quick stir with the serving spoon to distribute the moisture and coat the grains evenly for better taste and texture. 

Material: Fireproof Ceramic 

Made in Hong Kong 

One size: fits the Large steamer ø24cm set 

23x3.5 cm

JIA Inc specialized in well-designed home goods, as Jia means “home" in Chinese.

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