Oriental Beauty Oolong

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  • Oriental Beauty Oolong
  • Oriental Beauty Oolong
  • Oriental Beauty Oolong

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Oriental Beauty Oolong

The leaves naturally secrete a honey scent in self-defense after being bitten by a tiny insect known as "glassy-winged sharpshooter." The secreted scent is believed to attract the natural predator of the biting insect. On a scale of "green tea" to "black tea", this lot sits about halfway in-between. The Oriental Beauty is highly treasured and higher-priced because its tea leaves stop growing after being bitten, and the leaves need to be pesticide-free in order to attract the insects. Hence, it is more labor intensive less tea is produced from the same acreage of farmland.

Oxidation: 4 / 5
Roasting: 1 / 5
Species: Camellia Sinensis - Chin Shin Dah Pan
Origin: Toufen Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan
Altitude: 170m

Wolf Tea introduces the rich and pure taste of Taiwanese tea to the world. We believe Taiwan has the best tea that every tea lover must try. All of our teas are single-origin and 100% sourced in Taiwan from the best season and region. Each seasonal collection is selected carefully through a strict tea tasting process. Please enjoy the delicate ever-changing tea tasting experience with Wolf Tea.

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