Steamer Basket


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Steamer Basket
Steamer Basket

This Steamer Basket is designed to complement the Jia steamer set. This extra basket allows you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously by stacking them together. Made of a cedar basket with a perforated terracotta base that smartly absorbs excess moisture while using the ceramic base.

  • • Cedarwood, terracotta
    • Available in three standard sizes to fit the three Jia Steamer models, plus one Extended Height version to fit the large Jia Steamer model
    • Made in Hong Kong

    Small (white) - Ø 18 cm
    Large (white)- Ø 24 cm
    Extra large (brown black) - Ø 28 cm

From steam and fire in the kitchen to cutlery and tableware, these are the symbol of happiness shared by all Chinese families.

While based on Chinese culture, JIA Inc. welcomes the collaboration of the dialogue and identification of objects relevant to both the Asian and Western dining table. Striking a balance between the old and the new, they aim to reinterpret traditional Chinese materials and craftsmanship through modern design typologies and creative thinking.

Steamer Basket
Steamer Basket

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