Bamboo 120 Towel


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Ikeuchi Bamboo 120 Towel
Ikeuchi Bamboo 120 Towel

These towels have an astoundingly soft and silky texture due to their bamboo rayon construction. Bamboo is very absorbent and provides a soft cooling feel against the skin. Despite the reduced cotton content, these towels remain light thanks to the herringbone pattern elaborately woven into the towel surface. The beautiful zigzag lines of pile laid in opposing directions prevent the towel from feeling soggy and maintains a soft, dry feel.

  • • 75% bamboo rayon & 25% organic cotton 
    • OEKO-TEX standard Class 1
    • Wind woven towel
    • Ozone bleach

    Wash towel - 35 x 35 cm
    Face towel - 35 x 80 cm
    Bath towel - 72 × 145 cm

  • Ikeuchi Organic towels towels are ready to use straight after purchase. Their meticulous choice of materials, bleaching and dyeing methods create a product of such quality that it is at full absorbency from purchase, without the need for washing.

    • Machine wash at 40ºC with mild detergent to maintain softness
    • Hang to dry recommended, tumble dry on low heat if necessary
    • Do not use bleach or fabric softeners as they are not needed or recommended

  • Ikeuchi Organic is an all-organic textile company committed to making products with maximum safety and minimum environmental impact. They create fabrics to aim for a lifestyle that is closer to the essence of nature.

    The spirit of Ikeuchi Organic’s precise sustainable manufacturing was established in 1953 in Imabari City, known as a ‘Towel City’ in Ehime, Japan. To keep environmental burden to a minimum, they are conscious of maintaining a low impact dyeing concept and their towel weaving factory is powered by 100% wind-generated electricity.

Ikeuchi Bamboo 120 Towel
Ikeuchi Bamboo 120 Towel

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