Footprint Carafe Set


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Footprint Carafe Set
Footprint Carafe Set

Designed to enhance the value in moments of quiet reflection between new adventures. With two mugs and a carafe made from lightly insulated ceramic that allows you to feel the warmth within while preserving the temperature. This carafe set is designed to share quiet moments with style and grace. 

As part of the LIVEN product line, the carafe and each cup have the added health benefits that come from the unique tourmaline coated material. Tourmaline breaks down large water molecular groups into subsets. That reduction provides for a more purified taste and improved absorption of water into the human body.

Material: Ceramic 

Carafe 3.7x3.7x9.5

Cup 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.2

Care: Hand wash 

ACERA, a Taiwanese ceramic company founded in 1986, utilizes ancient artisanship techniques to develop innovative contemporary products. With its origin in ceramic crafting, ACERA’s lifestyle and wellness line, LIVEN, introduces unique processes and patented technology to continuously advance its design and manufacturing. Crafted with the highest quality, LIVEN’s eco-friendly products are available in both traditional and modern motifs.

Footprint Carafe Set
Footprint Carafe Set