Dot Lines Clock


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  • Dot Lines Clock
  • Dot Lines Clock

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The large wall clock makes it easy for the line of sight to be distracted when looking from nearby because of the area of ​​the wide dial. Therefore, in order to increase the visibility of the time when looking from the near side, Lemnos introduced habits into the design of the needle which are easy for the eye to stay on round markers, so that can guide the line naturally to the tip of the needle. 

Considering use in a wide space such as office and shop not only in living space, it is a design pursuing visibility functionally.

Dimensions: 12.7" × 1.57"
Weight: 855g
Material: ABS resin, Glass

Made in Japan by Lemnos

Lemnos products are made carefully by craftsmen with finely honed skillful techniques in Japan. They surely bring out the attractiveness of the materials to the maximum and create fine products not being influenced on the fashion trend accordingly. TAKATA Lemnos Inc. definitely would like to be innovative and continuously propose the beauty lasts forever.

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