Basic Nail Oil


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Basic Nail Oil is a oil with a restrained fragrance base. A blend of Argan, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, and Wheat Germ Oil. We have also added a hint of Vanilla. For moisturizing at mealtimes, for fingertip massage, or for anywhere you’re concerned about dryness. It offers deep moisturizing at any time of day.


Applied to nails, fingers and hands. This new type of nail and hand care, compact, and easily incorporated into daily life will help busy women save up time. The raw ingredients use organic materials. The company use absolutely no additives such as fragrances. As well as fingertips, can be used as a roll-on as well.

How to use:

1. With the back of your hand facing up, roll the bottle tip over the base of your nails, giving them one or two coats of oil.

2. Rub the nails of both hands against each other, to uniformly distribute the oil over all your fingers.

3. Apply nail oil to each finger, and stretch from the base of each finger toward the tip. Warm your fingers to the very tips, while enjoying the delightful fragrance.

Kiho Watanabe is a renowned Japanese nail artist with six salons in Tokyo since 2009. She created uka nail oil and a line of hair and body care to help women in today's busy world pamper themselves just as they would feel in one of her spas.

uka is dedicated to using natural and organic ingredients; the uka nail oils and uka Hand Treatments use organic ingredients certified by ECOCERT and COSMEBIO.
Watanabe's nail oils are one of the most prestigious in Japan and can be found in the purses and vanities of A-listers and have reached a kind-of cult status. They were only available in Europe and Asia until now.

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